Monday, 23 April 2012

Change of address & refund cheques - procedure

Here is the procedure to be followed if your refund cheque is not received due to change of address:

1. Ascertain whether your return was filed online or manually

2. If the return is filed online, then the refund would be processed by CPC Bangalore and you need to send a request letter for change in address to CPC Bangalore or

3. If return is filed manually then first it will be processed by the concerned officer and thereafter ECS/ Cheque will be issued by SBI. Draft a letter to the IT department stating that refund cheque is yet to be received due to change of address.

4. Update the PAN Master Database - Apply for change of address in the PAN card in following form “Request for new PAN card / change or correction in PAN data.”

The applicant is required to fill all the columns of the form and tick the boxes on the left margin of the address for communication. He is required to give the following documents also along with the demand draft of Rs 94/- made in favour of “NSDL – PAN” payable at Mumbai for paymen. 

*      Proof of PAN – Copy of PAN Card, Copy of PAN allotment letter
*      Proof of PAN surrendered – Copy of PAN card for the PAN to be surrendered
*      Proof of identity- Copy of Ration card, Driver’s license, Voter’s ID card, passport or any other document
*      Proof of Address – Electricity bill, Telephone Bill, Passport, ration card
*      Proof in support of the change required – proof of the changed address

5. Provide the address which was filled in your ITR and the changed address as updated in the PAN master Database

NOTE: For all your Communication to CPC Bangalore you need to mention your CPC reference no. 

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