Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick Management Mantras!

CA G. Karthikeyan, Managing Director of GKM answers questions on '60 Seconds Chief' - The Hindu Business Line

Q: One teacher I remember and why?
 A: Mr. Devarajan, my maths teacher, who created a huge interest in studies.

Q: One most valuable work lesson, thus far.
 A: Never procrastinate what you can do today.

Q: One thing I look for the most in a new recruit
 A: ‘Can do’ attitude

Q: One thought from a book that I am currently reading
 A: The bandwidth of belief mostly determines your altitude of success.

Q: One tip for time management
 A: Honouring timelines is the first step to success.

Q: One key thing in my fitness routine
 A: Twenty minutes of personal time a day keeps you agile.

Q: One signal that tells me there is a problem
A: Undue silence.    

Q: One technique for handling anger
A: Remain silent.

Q: One essential ingredient in my investment portfolio
A: Land.

Q: One good thing about the new generation
A: Access to technology-based information.

Q: One worrying thing about the young
A: Too much of social media.

Q: One thing that clinches a deal
A: Perseverance.

Q: One definition of values
A: Loyalty and trust are two essential items of value definition.

Q: One way that I use for resolving conflicts
A: Deliberations.

Q: One favourite activity when traveling 
A: Introspection.

Q: One indicator of performance
A: Impact-based results.

Q: One macroeconomic variable I keenly watch
A: Income-tax rate of various countries vis-à-vis India.

Q: One dream I'd like to chase, later in life
A: Take a vacation, golf for one week.

Q: One good way to foster innovation
A: Nurture technology. Technology to be used as a slave.

Q: One clue that tells me I'm the leader
A: When people seek advice.

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