Thursday, 1 December 2011

Good news for all CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers!

GKM Inc is focused on providing professional bookkeeping practices & tax preparation services to small businesses.  In addition, it also provides special services to CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers.

If you have your own practice setup, a major worry would be ‘letting go of control’ over your client’s books. By associating with GKM, you get to draw on the experience and expertise of a professional team, promising a complete fleet of services. This will help manage your client’s cash flow, and ensure seamless payroll and tax reporting. In addition to the simplification of the task, you will always have on hand inclusive, precise and latest numbers to answer questions and make smart choices.

Why outsource bookkeeping and tax preparation with GKM?


A risk-free outsourcing experience - Guaranteed


·         A team of experienced and certified bookkeepers and tax preparers work under a CPA providing accurate and standardized results | This ensures seamless transition of your back-office operations, a reliable audit trail and hassle-free tax and payroll reporting means.
·         Best in class communication protocol, framework and regulatory compliance assured.
·         A dedicated team setup for your account ensures a fool-proof fallback mechanism in case of resignations or illness to team members.
·         Presence of strong checks and balances in monitoring your account ensuring every possible tax write-off is taken care of.
·         256-bit secure encrypted data servers for secure access & transactions
·         Best of all, you can focus on high margin services to further your bottom line and grow your client base.

How will it work?


A full team of professionals, including CPAs, MBAs, senior accountants, and bookkeepers, will handle your clients’ bookkeeping needs at GKM’s process center.
Your team leader will coordinate with you closely to help manage the requirements of your clients. The procedures are simplified and streamlined for your ease of use.
GKM’s process center provides quality work efficiently so you can grow your business.

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