Thursday, 12 June 2014

Go Green & save costs

Going green augurs well not only for the environment, but for business bottom line too as it cuts down  on waste & conserves resources. An eco-friendly act need not be large to be impactful – for instance, have you imagined how much paper you will save if you always printed out double-sided copies consistently over a year? A small measure with a big result indeed!
Turn off equipment when not in use. This can reduce energy usage by a whopping 25-50%. Try using renewable energy resources for powering your office. For example, unplugging laptops once completely charged & turning off computers at the end of each day are simple tasks. They save on wasted energy by around 50%. Change your lighting. Switch to CFL or LED lights for 75% greater energy efficiency over traditional incandescent bulbs and savings of up to $200 per bulb! Installation of occupancy sensors in rest rooms & meeting areas is another way to save on energy.
Go paperless. Before printing out anything, rethink on whether you really need a paper copy. Encourage communication via email. Use social media as much as possible to advertise your company's services instead of printing out flyers, handbills, pamphlets et al. Request your clients to utilize electronic billing for sending out monthly statements. Have your incoming faxes delivered as electronic copies (fax-modems) instead of incurring expenses over installation & maintenance of expensive fax machines. Get your business a non-geographic number so that you can receive calls on your hand phone anytime, saving electricity usage, travel costs and expenses on installing extra telephony equipment.
Limit long-distance meetings. Schedule long distance in-person meetings monthly and try handling all other meetings electronically via Skype, conference calls or over emails. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and travel costs as well. Store your business data remotely on the cloud network - while energy savings will be immense, it also improves employee productivity with access to documents from anywhere at all times. Purchase office supplies locally. This will minimize gas usage & release of CO2into the environment. Do not discard used printer cartridges – send them in to your ink supplier for discounts / incentives against your next purchase.
Eliminate bottled water. Use a water filtering system connected to tap water. You will decrease the plastic waste that accumulates as well as save considerably. Donate unused batteries or cell phones to recycling agencies. If there are old magazines piled up in your waiting area, pass them on to hospices or charities that can find some use for them. Encourage public transportation, car pooling, hybrid / alternative fuel vehicles for commuting to work. This helps reduce the overall carbon footprint and highlights your commitment to the environment.
There are multiple ways to turn into a more eco-friendly business. Ensure you and your employees understand the options available and stay committed to the cause.

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